Would you rather use your time for your core business or for yourself than dealing with these topics too much?



  • You haven’t introduced any bookkeeping yet
  • You want to outsource your bookkeeping
  • You are required to keep accounts by law
  • You don’t want to deal with the paperwork
  • You will become liable to VAT and need professional support

Private individuals

  • Tax returns aren’t exactly your favorite pastime
  • You want to optimize your taxes and thereby save money
  • You want to start a new business with professional support
  • As a private individual, you need bookkeeping to keep your finances under control
  • You could use this time more profitable

Thats what our customers say

Thanks to the contribution of their knowledge and the good cooperation with dador.ch GmbH, we can focus entirely on our day-to-day business and don’t have to deal with the paperwork after a long hard day’s work in the hospitality industry. We are very happy to have dador.ch GmbH as a partner.
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Because of my profession and job, I simply don’t have the time to deal with my tax return. I prefer to leave this to experts like dador.ch GmbH, who know exactly what they are doing and what deductions and optimizations are possible. I’ve been using the service for years and will continue to use it.
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Creating an accounting or payroll was new territory for me when I opened my business. Thanks to the support of dador.ch, bookkeeping and personnel administration is very easy for me because they do everything for me. dador.ch has actively supported me since the opening of the shop and it is a pleasure to work with them.
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With family and children as well as a job as managing director and my wife, who also works, there is hardly any time for office work at home. dador.ch has been supporting us with our taxes for years. They help us save time and optimize our taxes with their expertise. I can only recommend the service.
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Unfortunately, in a very difficult and work-intensive time, there was no more time for the bookkeeping and this was left for far too long. Thanks to the offer from dador.ch to only take on part of the work, we were able to bring the accounting up to date in no time at all, without any major delays. dador.ch also supported us with all their specialist knowledge in the subsequent evaluation for the sale of the company.
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Filling out tax returns is not one of my favorite things to do. So I prefer to let it work for me. I am very satisfied with the service and remain a loyal customer.
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Our tax returns became more and more complicated when we bought our own home. Especially when it comes to renovations and the deduction of costs in the tax return. Thanks to dador.ch and their service, I am spared the administrative work that laymen do.
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