In today’s globalised world, many new business relationships are entered into, even over long distances. At the same time, people hardly know their counterparts or have only met once. Every new business relationship requires a certain amount of trust in one’s counterpart and this trust is often exploited. Unfortunately…

To counter such problems and to give your new business relationship a good start, we offer our escrow service.

We act as a third party between your business transaction, either forwarding payment for the goods only after they have arrived at the buyer’s premises. Or, forwards the goods only after payment has been received by the seller.

We also accept pledges and store them until they are redeemed or legally liquidated to pay off the debt to the creditor.

We are always transparent with both parties.

Please note that transactions of less than CHF 5,000 cannot be processed, as this is not in proportion to the costs and benefits.

For pledges, monthly storage costs are due. Further costs depending on the type of service are not excluded.

We also support transactions with cryptocurrencies.

Our service does not involve contract negotiations between the parties.