As a company, you and your employees are exposed to many risks on a daily basis, which you can cover with suitable insurance. It is important to note that there are also compulsory insurances which are prescribed by law in Switzerland.

We support you in all these cases and find the right solutions for your company.

Protection for the operation

⦁ Public liability

⦁ Legal protection
⦁ Cyber insurance
⦁ Technology
⦁ Property & objects insurance

⦁ Motor vehicle
⦁ Transport of goods
⦁ Carrier

Pension Scheme

⦁ BVG Pension Fund (fully or partially Autonomous)
⦁ BVG Risk Insurance

Protection for Employees and Owners

⦁ Compulsory accident insurance UVG
⦁ Supplementary insurance to UVG
⦁ Collective accident insurance
⦁ Agreement insurance
⦁ Accident insurance for short-term events

⦁ Daily sickness benefit KTG

Further Protection

⦁ Construction warranty

⦁ Construction insurance
⦁ Event insurance
⦁ Building insurance
⦁ Building property insurance