What else can we tell you about this, you and we know that not everything can always go perfectly as we would like it to. The only thing we can do is prepare for such situations and protect ourselves against them through private insurance. Sometimes an additional insurance helps to save taxes or to improve the situation for old age.

Tell us what you would like to protect and/or cover yourself against and we will help you find the right insurance for it. We can also help you optimise your taxes and bring your retirement savings up to date.

Contact us and let’s talk about it. We look forward to hearing from you.

(We do not consult for health insurance policies)

Pension Scheme

Pillar 3a

Life insurance / 3b

Death Benefit Insurance / 3b

Vested Benefits Account

Individual Insurances

Cyber Insurance

⦁ Infection with malware
⦁ Data loss
⦁ Personal injury
⦁ Card misuse
⦁ Data misuse
⦁ Incorrect deliveries for online orders

Individual Accident Insurance

Individual daily Sickness Benefits Insurance

Domestic Workers’ Insurance (compulsory accident insurance)

Home Ownership and Housing

Private Liability Insurance

Household Insurance

⦁ Fire/Elemental
⦁ Earthquake
⦁ Theft
⦁ Water
⦁ Glass breakage
⦁ Household contents insurance
⦁ Mobile phone insurance

Item Insurance

Building Insurance

⦁ Fire/Elemental
⦁ Water
⦁ Liability
⦁ Theft
⦁ Earthquake
⦁ Glass breakage
⦁ Extended cover
⦁ Building services
⦁ Legal protection
⦁ Conversion work
⦁ Provident insurance
⦁ Building security module
⦁ Landlord security module

Own Home (construction / renovation)

⦁ Building loan
⦁ Construction insurance
⦁ Builder’s liability

Means of Transportation

Car / Motorcycle / Electric Car / Classic Car / Delivery Van

⦁ Motor liability insurance
⦁ Partial cover insurance
⦁ Comprehensive insurance

Additional cover

⦁ Bonus protection
⦁ Parking damage insurance
⦁ Lights and assistance systems
⦁ Carry-on personal effects
⦁ Passenger accident
⦁ Assistance


⦁ Motor liability insurance
⦁ Partial cover insurance
⦁ Comprehensive insurance

Additional cover

⦁ Personal effects carried
⦁ Interior insurance
⦁ Passenger accident
⦁ Water skis and water scooters
⦁ Loose accessories
⦁ Trailer, water trolley, jetty, buoy

Bike / E-bike

⦁ Theft
⦁ Fall damage
⦁ Vandalism
⦁ Breakdown assistance

⦁ Theft
⦁ Vandalism
⦁ Damage to the battery
⦁ Roadside assistance

Travel and holidays

Travel Insurance

Holiday Insurance

⦁ Baggage
⦁ Cancellation costs
⦁ Rental vehicle deductible waiver
⦁ Additional liability for rental vehicle